Visit a waterfall wonderland this winter

By Jo Cordell-Cooper*

I LOVE bush walking – everything about it, from the journey, the camaraderie, the solitude and the destination.

I love the hunger I get and the tiredness over the course of the day.

I love feeling warm on a really cold day and there is nothing more perfect than hiking into a waterfall just after it’s rained.

Here are my favorite waterfalls you might like to explore alone or with your family or four-legged friend – and all are within a 30-minutes drive from Hobart.

Silver Falls – Fern Tree, within Wellington Park (Kunanyi). A one-kilometre, well-marked track with a gentle incline at the end. You can retrace your steps or continue along a circuit that is a little more strenuous. You can take your dog on the Pipeline Track, but not Middle Track (the circuit).

Snug Falls. A two-kilometre, well-formed track with about an hour return. This popular track leads to a magnificent waterfall and is dog friendly. It’s worth taking a snack, as you can explore along this river quite safely.

Collinsvale Waterfall – also known as Myrtle Forest Falls. Again, it’s an easy road to follow and then a bush track and some stairs. This is a 60-minute round trip and I could not find any information about whether dogs are allowed or not. So, if you are taking your four-legged friend, make sure to have a backup plan. I suspect they are welcome on a lead.

Waterfall visits or any nature experience is a great way to de-stress.

The feel good hormones that are released as we move outdoors – whether from gardening, bushwalking or walking beside our beautiful river – are well documented.

Taking note of the sounds around us, the wind and the icy blasts are grounding.

They bring us to the here and now and is a wonderful application of mindfulness that ultimately calms the mind.

I strongly encourage you to get out and about over winter and celebrate this beautiful place we live in.

If you’d like to research further, visit http://tastrails.com or http://waterfallsoftasmania.com.au.

*Jo Cordell-Cooper runs the twice award winning Active Solutions and Health Network, specialising in women’s fitness all ages, all stages. Make contact at jocc.com.au, activesolutionstas@gmail.com or 0409 862 206.

Caption: Jo Cordell-Cooper at Snug Falls.