Final orchid show of the season

THE Tasmanian Orchid Society is gearing up to host its Sarcochilus and Masdevallia Show, to be held on 10 November at the Senior Citizens Club in Bellerive.

The one-day show will be open free to the public from 11am to 4pm, with free parking at the door.

In addition to the Sarcochilus and Masdevallia varieties, there will also be a large display of other orchids, as well as orchids for sale.

Sarcochilus is an Australian native orchid, with Sarcochilus australis found occurring naturally in Tasmania, extending up the east coast of the mainland on to Queensland.

Most native Sarcochilus are either white with red or white with pink, but hybridisation has seen more colours now included.

Masdevallia are naturally found in the high-elevation of South American Andean cloud forests.

Tasmania is the best place in Australia to grow these orchids, as they thrive in the state’s weather conditions, are easy to grow and have a magnificent range of colours.